by Lindsay


It is very leafy and has pink almost plasticy looking tips growing out of the top of the flat part of the leaf. It has pointy edges but they are not sharp and has white stalks growing out of some parts of the leaves.

My bearded dragons have taken a bite out of one of the leaves so was concerned if it was poisonous or not!

Many thanks for your time and help


Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Lindsay,
What you have is called Schlumbergera, or one of the Christmas or Holiday Cactus.

It does seem that creatures such as cats like the texture of the leaves and will try and eat them, but I’ve never heard of Bearded Dragons wanting a taste!

As far as I know, it’s not poisonous, but best to be on the safe side, and supply your pets with some other greens to eat just in case.

As your plant gets bigger, it will tend to trail over the sides of the pot, so it will look fabulous in a hanging planter, which will put it safely out of reach of your dragons!


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Oct 29, 2011
I know
by: Anonymous

It is a christmas cactus [not dangerous]