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by Neph


The idea was to get a little potted plant for the office, because… office.

Went to the super market, bought a little plant pot that had rocks glued into it and three plants. Seemed like a safe bet.

Now, the office now calls the plant “the bean stalk” and we are pretty sure a giant will come down it soon. Can anyone help identify this puppy so we may take care of it as it should be?

We have been told it is a jade plant, however we have one of those sitting right next to it, and they look nothing alike. Thank you so much in advance for any information.

Comments for What have we done?!?

Jul 28, 2014
Not a Jade
by: Jacki

Hi Neph, you’re right about one thing – it’s not a Jade, which is Crassula ovata, but I’m not sure what it is, actually. There are so many plants that are easy to grow and sold in this manner, and the only thing you can say is that they have a certain market…

It looks to me like this plant should be getting more light, and it’s stretching to find it. Unfortunately, there is not much to be done once it gets to this kind of gangly growth, except chop it down and root some cuttings, which you will of course give the light they need so this doesn’t happen again.

If the other plants seem happier (and they’re not doing this beanstalk thing, it doesn’t look like) you may be best to try and cut this plant out of the group and give it a new home. Sorry I can’t identify it for you.

Jul 28, 2014
Found it 🙂
by: Neph

After hours of Google Fu, we have located the plant.

Vertical-Leaf Senecio

😀 thank you for your assistance.