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by Bruce


Not Happy Kalanchoe tomentosa


My lovely healthy and happy Chocolate Soldier plant is not doing very well, and I think I may have killed it with kindness. What will save it, and how can I do it? Please give me lots of details, I’m new at this.

Thanks so much!

Comments for What Can I do to Save This Plant?

Jul 15, 2017
Propagate it, quick!
by: Jacki

There is only one way to save this plant – make some new ones. Don’t waste any time with it, as the rot will just keep going up the stem.

In the second picture in your post, I’ve put some indication of where to cut to get at least a few cuttings off it. Make sure to cut well above any rotting.

Callous the cuttings overnight, or longer if they still look a bit wet.

The cut end should look quite dry. Then, just in case, stick them into some dry cactus potting soil or potting soil with an equal measure of sand or turkey grit.

They don’t need water, they have a good supply in the stems and leaves to keep them going until they make some roots. In a week or two, you can add a tiny amount of water, close to the stem. Maybe a teaspoon full, no more. They’ll start to root in a couple of weeks, then they’ll be on their way.

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