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by Trina
(Lakeland, FL)


When I bought this sempervivum tectorum, I immediately planned to transfer some of the pups to another pot.

I noticed there was one stolon hidden in the pot (see pic 1 with stolon hanging out).

I assumed it was starting to flower but was not sure of it since the bud is not from the mother plant.

After a few months, this same stolon is growing in length with more leaves.

Is this long stolon beginning to produce buds? It doesn’t look like it’s coming from the mother plant though.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures are current.

Hi Trina, that is strange isn’t it? What could have happened is that it may have had some damage which then caused it to start branching out.

My feeling is that this isn’t much of a problem, as in, it’s not going to keep happening, which can be caused by virus infection or some other type of disease organism; it’s just caused by the fact that the shoot was in the dark, hidden underneath the other rosettes, and was trying to etiolate, and find the light again.

Just cut it off if it’s going to be an issue, or just enjoy all the many variations and permutations of natures wonder!

You can most likely just cut the little rosettes off all the stems, and they’ll grow perfectly normally.