by Sam


My rhaphidophora tetrasperma cutting has been planted 5 weeks ago and it has been growing incredibly well. The newest leaf actually has this variegated-looking pattern and I would obviously want it to be variegation and not mosaic virus lol. But it doesn’t really seem like mosaic virus to me and it doesn’t have any of the other symptoms that I read online.

What do you think?

Newest leaf (“variegated”) and second newest (green) for comparison.

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May 09, 2022

Could be
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Isn’t that interesting. I was going to refer to Pothos, which is genetically variegated, only to see one in the background of your picture! You know, I really couldn’t say if this is a virus or not – as you say, it’s not typical virus mottling. So, maybe you have successfully introduced variegation into the Rhaphidophora!

it’s possible that it’s just something affecting this leaf only and all others will be normal. It could mean that the growing point received some damage at some point in a crucial time of its development.

What I would do is keep an eye on it, make sure that you don’t have any aphids that could transfer virus between plants, and don’t use the same tools between plants without completely sterilizing them first.

You may also want to separate this plant from any others, just to make sure it’s not a communicable disease. And, be ready to destroy the plant completely if it looks like spreading.