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by Ingrid


I bought this plant at a market in France. The woman at the stand told me it was a “dionaea”, but a “dionaea” is a venus fly trap, and I am certain this plant is not that.

It has thick, tube-like stalks that branch out from the main stems.

The stalks have tiny white speckles on them, and the tips of some stalks open up into hollow cups. Some of them are tinted purple.

I would like to identify the plant so I can be sure to care for it properly. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Ingrid, I can do more than offer, I can tell you definitively what this intriguing plant is – it’s called Crassula ‘Gollem’ or Goblin Fingers – and you can see why.

It’s related closely to the Jade Plant, and requires the same care – allow it to dry out between waterings, and wait until it’s root bound to repot it into well drained soilless mix with lots of aggregate (pumice, small gravel or perlite) in it.

I tend to use a heavier pot than usual with these as they have a tendency to tip over with the heavy top growth.

They don’t mind being pruned, and are easy to propagate to make more plants.

See the page here for more: Crassula and learn more about succulent care for more ways to keep your succulents happy.

Happy Goblin Fingers!

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Comments for Thick, tubular, deep green stalks with tiny white spots

Feb 27, 2012

Thank you!
by: Ingrid

I plan on propagating this baby and making gifts for friends.

Thank you for your help!