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by Rhiahne Ralph
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)



I have this beautiful 2m tall fiddle leave fig in my bedroom. It’s been here for approx 3 months after purchasing second hand.

It sits in the corner of my bedroom with lots of light.

It was originally 2.5 m tall but I had to trim so it would fit!

Over the last week I have noticed that some leaves at the top were starting to yellow and fall off. On closer inspection I discovered what looks like roots growing out of the stem, About 10cm from the top. All the leaves above where the roots were growing were the ones turning yellow.

I have now discovered another few leaves yellowing and looked at the stem to find more roots growing out. This is about 1/4 way up the plant.

What are these things growing out of the stem and is this what is causing the leaves to die? What can I do to save it?!

Comments for That’s not where roots are meant to be!

Mar 22, 2021

More light
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The leaves are turning yellow because the plant is not getting enough light.

Another aspect of this lack of light thing is that,in an effort to survive, it’s throwing everything at it, and growing roots from the stem.

Many plants do this, and it doesn’t mean it’s going to die, but in this case it’s a cry for help.

Move this plant, now, to a brighter place (not full sun) where all the leaves will get as much light as possible.

PS: You may think it’s getting lots of light, but obviously it has other ideas.