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by Christie
(Thomasville GA)




My name is Christie and I live in Thomasville GA which I believe is zone 8b. A few months ago I planted Sassy grass sisyrinchium in my flower bed and have regularly watered with some light feed. Recently, I noticed several plants with these black like leaves from the center of the plant. This is true for several of them. Not sure what to do. I have attached pictures as required.

Comments for sudden black leaves

Aug 12, 2020

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This looks terrible. Unfortunately, a plant like this (clump like) that gets this kind of death in the middle is most often too far gone to recover.

I would take these pictures with you and go back to the place you purchased them. I think that they must have got some kind of infection from before you got it.

Be prepared for them to deny it having anything to do with them. It stands to reason that they would prefer not to accept responsibility for it, but hopefully, they could offer you some kind of explanation for it, and you can see if others who bought the same plants have had similar issues.