by Mark
(Brisbane, Australia)


Hi there, I found this plant in a garden in Brisbane, Australia. The plant was about 3 feet high and it has stiff, long leaves with rounded knob parts. Thanks for your help!

Hi Mark, this is one of the most amazing plants – not so much for the leaves (which are actually modified stems, if you care to know) but for the blooms. They rightfully deserve their common name of Orchid Cactus. The flowers can be the size of a dinner plate, and come in all colors. It will be so interesting to see what yours looks like in full glorious flower in a few years.

Epiphytes are unique in that they originate in trees, so they require a bit different care than most desert cacti and succulents. Richer soil for one thing, and the occasional flooding (imagine that you’re high in the jungle treetops when you’re watering) and slightly different care to promote blooming, which after all, is the goal of owning one of these plants. You can see more about Epiphyllum here. Scroll through the submissions by other visitors for some amazing pictures.

Hope this helps you with your budding addiction to growing succulents!