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by Linda
(central valley CA)

Will snails be a problem with an outdoor philodendron selloum?

Hi Linda, I’m not familiar with this plant, and I have no experience with your climate, but if it’s a damp marine type of situation, snails will try and eat anything. If they are a problem in your garden, test first before leaving anything precious outside.

If you can spare a leaf, put this somewhere that you know snails hang out; if they leave it alone, there is a chance that they may leave the plant be too.

If you’re afraid that the snails will make a meal of the plant, sprinkle something sharp around the perimeter; crushed eggshells, lava rock, ashes or other material generally will persuade them to look somewhere else.

Make sure there are no hiding spots, like boards on the ground, or rock walls which provide shelter from the sun during the day.

You can trap them into going for those hiding spots, then dump them into a bucket of water – they’re not good swimmers.

Hope this helps,