by RobbyG
(Huntington Beach, CA)


The entire plant has a very fleshy feel to it. Has an interesting growth pattern too where it grows two branches with thick leaf like attachments on it, but they grow pointing away from each other and spiral up sorta. You can see what I mean in the pictures.

It has a very long root system too when I transferred it into the ground, different then other succulents I have for sure.

I dug a hole in the backyard and planted this in it. It gets a lot of sun all day and I have been watering it once the soil drys up enough (if the rocks over the soil are wet under don’t water). Person I got it from said it would grow very large too. Live in Huntington Beach California.

That is an understatement! This is the most commonly asked about plant genus, and as long as you keep it under control when it decides to produce the many babies on the edges of its leaves you will be amazed at this one.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, or the Maternity plant, is prolific at producing the tiny new plants, and after a while you might be fortunate enough to see the flowers, which are very striking.

This one is either this one, or a similar species.

Just keep an eye on it, and be ready to deal with it when it starts to get a little out of hand.

Happy Gardening!

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Nov 15, 2013

Kalanchoe prolifera
by: Rosemarie

Not sure how old this post is, but this is Kalanchoe prolifera. K. daigremontiana does not have this form of leaves on branches like this.