White Two Row Stonecrop

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S. spurium album ‘Superbum’ is the white flowered version of Sedum spurium. This variety is very disease and pest resistant, and one of the most desirable for planting in rockeries and green roofs.


Also known as white two-row stonecrop, it combines well with other Sedum spurium such as Sedum spurium ‘Fuldaglut’ and ‘Fruland’ where it enhances the burgundy and pink foliage and flowers of the former, and the green foliage and gold flowers of the latter.

Also great in combination with Sempervivum and other hardy succulents in a mosaic or Sedum tapestry.

It’s particularly valuable as a bee attractant – this one above all others swarms with many different kinds of wild bees for the whole month of July.

Along with being a great plant for bees it’s a magnet for many butterflies in the butterfly garden.

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