Celadon blue foliage, and hot pink bee magnet flowers

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As one of the first in my collection, and the catalyst for my present addiction to these lovely and reliable plants Sedum cyaneum ‘Rose Carpet’ has a special place in my heart, and my garden.


This is one of my all time favorites, with its celadon green-blue foliage and hot pink flowers.

The foliage glows pale green when lit from behind by the sun as the leaves are delicate as porcelain. The leaves clasp the stem like Eucalyptus, spaced about 3cm apart all the way up.

I use this mostly at the front of borders, as it’s only about 10cm (4″) tall, with flower stalks about 15cm (5″).

Eventual spread is around 20 to 30cm (8-12″) and its open sprawling growth will drape nicely from a wall or rockery.


Blooming steadily from mid August until late in the fall this is a classic in my garden.

Bees favor this plant above many other plants for bees and visit its pink star shaped flowers avidly, and many butterflies visit too.

I highly recommend Sedum cyaneum ‘Rose Carpet’ as a great addition to your xeric garden or in containers.


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