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Hi!! I have learned so much from your site! Thank you!

My question is – I purchase little succulent plugs (1-2 inches across) and put them in teacups and teapots- I have read a lot about the correct mix of soil- I use Hoffman organic succulent mix and add pumice.

So far they are pretty happy inside plants. I have them in a south facing room with good sunlight.

What signs do I look for if they are distressed? Is there anything I need to do to ensure their success? Thank you, Jennifer G. from Arlington,VA

Hi Jennifer – thank you for your kind comments! Your projects are charming.

Things I would watch for, based on the fact that if you’re using teacups and other containers that don’t have drain holes, is that dreaded situation when growing succulents; soggy soil.

With these types of plants in a small amount of soil you won’t need to water much.

Watch for any leaves that look waterlogged, this can be the first indication.

Pale, leggy growth can be a sign of lack of light; these will need to be in a bright window, but I would probably keep them out of direct sun, or at least limit it to a short period of time.

Keep an eye out for pests – if your plants spend any time outdoors they can bring in aphids, spider mites or even mealy bugs or scale. Careful inspection can ward off a problem before it becomes a major issue.

Hope this helps with your succulent addiction!