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by jackie

I have re planted my eucalyptus which was about 12″ tall and had two smaller ones in the pot.

The plant was approx 13 years old but since re potting the older plant and one of the smaller ones have started losing the color from their leaves from the bottom up.

They look like they are dying whey they used to be such a vibrant cabbage color, I re potted them as I thought they needed the room but it looks like I have killed them!

Hi Jackie, I’m not really familiar with Eucalyptus in general, but many plants will show the stress of losing some of their roots this way.

It’s a survival tactic; since their roots have been reduced, they must shed some of the top growth which can no longer be supported by the quantity of roots. Eventually, the older leaves (the ones that are showing signs of stress) will fall off.

My advice would be to be patient, and do nothing to disturb them any more.

Generally, after a week or two of neglect (put them in a shady spot where they will be out of the way of traffic and won’t get overwatered) they will recover all on their own.

Most plants will put out many more new leaves to replace the ones lost, and there is still plenty of time in the season for that.

Hope this helps,