by Farouk
(Sydney, Australia)


Hi Jacki! I am back for another question..

I wanted to plant a Jackfruit from seed, do you know how long it will take for it to fruit for the first time ever from seed>tree>flower>fruit?

It will be well fertilised, watered, soil will be good/well drained etc.

Will it take the usual 4-5 years? Will it take over my backyard (my backyard is pretty much filled up with fruit trees lol no more space all squished in pretty much) as it looks like rather a huge tree after looking at the fruit, I guess the tree must become really thick & strong.

Is Jackfruit related to the asian Durian? What else can you tell me about Jackfruit planting/Propagating?

Much appreciated,
Your friend from down under

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Farouk, your garden must be spectacular with all your new trees. You have access to lots of unique and different kinds of fruit trees than I have; it’s amazing and I’m suffering from zone envy.

I’ve never even heard of this Jackfruit – off to do research.

Okay, here’s what I’ve found out: There seem to be two species of the same genus that go by this name, so you’ll have to determine which you want. They are know botanically as Artocarpus heterophyllus and Artocarpus nitida.

Here’s some more useful information about Artocarpus hererophyllus and Artocarpus nitida on Dave’s Garden Website. Read through the notes from other gardeners for information about cultivation and propagation.

I didn’t find any information about a possible relationship to Asian Durian, but here’s some more information on Durian, the Prickly Custard Apple (love these common names):  Annona muricataDurio zibethinus.

I’m thinking these are not related to your Jackfruit, the link about Durio zibethinus is a hoot, talking about signs banning the fruit due to its scent in hotels and so on.

Keep ’em coming – I find out so many interesting things about the different plants in your area.

Happy Weird Fruit Growing!