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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello Jacki
i had this Pleiospilos nelii for a few months now,
i give it water every 2 weeks,never fertilize,
it started to welt a few days ago,just about the
time it need water,
what do think is going on,its floppy down to the
root,is it roting or dying?

Hi Amjad, it sounds like you’re doing everything right; if the plant is floppy right at the crown, where the roots join to the top growth, this looks like some kind of root rot.

You may be able to save it with some drastic action; I would cut off the top part with a sharp razor, right where it changes to the root section. Discard the roots, and the soil and sterilize the pot just in case it is something contagious.

Use dry potting soil (you know what I’m going to say here; cactus soil, or potting soil mixed with the same quantity by volume of aggregate like gravel, pumice or perlite), and set the top of the plant on it; don’t water, just let it dry and callous for at least a few days. Then start to just spray lightly, the surrounding soil. Don’t actually water it until it’s rooted. With luck, the little guy will recover nicely.

Hoping for the best result for you!