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by Danielle


We have searched everywhere and can’t find a picture resembling this plant.

It appears to be an aloe with hard, dark green leaves.

Plant is growing straight up and not out. Leaves are short. Plant is about 4-5 inches tall and in a terrarium..

Hi Danielle, this little guy is one of those plants most often misidentified as Aloe, for good reason; they really do look just like them.

One way that you can rule out Aloe (generally) is by the regular sharpish thorns on the edges of the leaves; Haworthia, which this is, tend to have many fine serrations, rather than individual thorns.

The texture of the leaves is pretty distinctive too, although there are a few that are very similar, to the point of overlapping.

I don’t know what this one is exactly, but that might give you somewhere to start looking.

You can see more about Haworthia here.

Hope that helps get you on track!

Comments for Please help identify for kids terrarium contest

Jan 06, 2014
I have one exactly like it!
by: kathy

I’ve searched the web for months and never saw another like mine until now. I had figured out it had to be Haworthia but have gotten no further. Is there any way to identify our plants more specifically? How can we make contact to at least compare notes? I’m in OK, near TX, so maybe they came from the same supplier?

May 01, 2015
i’m not sure but
by: jenny

I think it’s called haworthia reinwardtii or zebra plant. 🙂

Apr 09, 2019
Plant name
by: Liz

The name of this plant is…

Haworthia coarctata fa. greenii

Dec 03, 2021
I think it is…
by: the succulent person

astroloba foliosa or a astroloba congesta.