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by David and Lin
(Los Organos, Peru)


Los Organos, Peru, South America

It is dry like desert and warm to hot year round with very little precipitation.

What would you recommend as easy and hardy ground cover and border plantings?

Hi David and Lin, it sounds like the ideal climate to grow lots of succulents where you are – if you seldom have frost, look at some of the plants that do so well in places with a similar climate like California – Echeveria and there are lots of tender types, such as the many tender succulent plants on this page.

Hardy succulents can thrive in warmer areas, with enough cool weather especially in the fall; these come in all kinds, ranging from smaller rosette forming Sempervivum, also known as hens and chicks to my favorite Sedum.

For groundcovering types, look for creeping stonecrop, such as these types.

Taller Sedum for borders will add height to a wide bed; aim for a variety of heights, textures and colors for a really lush look.

There are many plants that originate in the Mediterranean too, rosemary, lavender and Santolina, thyme and similar scented herbs.

Hopefully, that gives you a starting point and you can find plenty to choose from. I expect some pictures when you get your landscaping settled in!