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Hi, I am just starting to look after plants and want to do the right thing so can you please tell me if it is ok to water plants in the afternoon.

I have a constraint in that the availability of electricity to run the pump motor to pump up the water is very erratic and changes every week & my storage facilities is limited.Thank you so much.

T J Dcruz

Hi TJ, I’ve heard that watering plants in the afternoon can be an issue if they sit wet all night as the moisture on the leaves can create the perfect conditions for fungus to grow.

I would try and avoid watering the leaves by using some kind of drip irrigation system, if that’s possible.

Then the water will go right to where it’s needed, in the soil. The added bonus is that it won’t evaporate the way it does if sprayed into the air.

Another option is to get buckets or barrels, place those close to the plants, and fill them when you have the electricity; this is a benefit in another way too – the water has a chance to ‘temper’ or warm up a bit; if you are pumping water from a well or creek and it’s really cold, this can shock the plants and hold them back until the soil warms up again.

Pre-warmed water will help your plants stay actively growing.

Hope this helps,