I was given a couple of well established palm tree in November; I re-planted them and they fell over and it snowed before we could put them back.

I would love to try and save them if its possible or will they be dead by now?

Without having a clue where in the world you are, or what type of palms these are, I’m going to say it’s pretty much hopeless. Palms don’t do well in snow any time, and if they are a type that isn’t very hardy, this will no doubt do them in.

Palms don’t have the ability to withstand cold temperatures, especially being covered in snow.

Their main claim to fame is their toughness under very windy conditions; they can lose many of their leaves, and recover just fine after hurricanes and strong driving rain. The leaf structure is specially designed to withstand these types of conditions.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Best of luck next time!