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by Shane Bostick
(San Jose, CA)


The leave groups appear square with opposing leaves alternating North/South, East/West orientations. Leaves are pointed at the tips and are green with darker green spots, red fringe with finely jagged edges.

Saw this at the farmers market in Carmel, CA.

Any time you see opposing leaves in this kind of configuration, it’s a safe bet that it’s in the Crassula family.

This looks a lot like Crassula rupestres, which is a low growing ground covering type of plant, but I’ve never seen a variegated form like this. It’s very lovely – I hope you bought one, because it’s doubtful if it will hang around long.

You can see more about this genus here; Crassula.

For care, they prefer to be on the dry side, with occasional deep watering. Well drained soil, of course, and they seem to bloom if they’re root bound so don’t be too quick to repot.

Hope that helps,