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by Roxanne Rench
(Geneva, IL)


Curving Aloe


My aloe plant is about 24yrs old & it’s curved & very heavy on one side. It always produces “babies” that I remove when they get a yr or two old. Is there a way to get my mother plant to straighten out, after all these yrs?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

That is one venerable old Aloe!

I don’t think you could straighten out a stem that long after this length of time, as it probably lacked light at some time in the past and got etiolated (stretching towards the light). Unfortunately now it’s probably quite brittle, and trying to straighten it will break it.

Thanks for sharing this great plant, Roxanne – may it live many more years under your care!

Happy Succulent Gardening!


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Comments for Old Curving Aloe Plant

Sep 27, 2010

Senior Aloe
by: Countrymouse

Wow!! That is one old plant… and a great producer from the sounds of things.
Do you give the pot a quarter turn every day? As Jacki said it may not take well to a physical attempt to straighten it, but if you turn it daily, or perhaps leave it a week or so at a time with the long end facing AWAY from the sun, it may lean the other way.
However, it may take just as long to straighten out as it did to grow crooked so you may be no further ahead.
It’s a great old plant though, I’d just appreciate it for what it is and continue to give it the wonderfully nurturing care you are.

Sep 27, 2010

Love my plants
by: Roxanne

Thanks for the nice words about my aloe. I do love it so! When I repot it after removing the babies, I do give it a slight turn in hopes that I can keep it in it’s pot. LOL I’ve actually had to “prop” it up at times. It’s been in my kitchen window it’s whole life (facing east) so, there it’ll live out it’s life.

Jan 31, 2013

aloe plant problems
by: josh doyle

I have an aloe plant but for some reason it’s stem went soft and it’s bent over what should I do

Josh, whenever a plant displays this type of symptoms, it is usually too late.

If you like, post some pictures and your question on the Ask the Horticulturist page and I’ll try and give you some better advice.

See you over there!

Mar 18, 2013

Straightening a stem of a succlent
by: Anonymous

I moved to New Zealand a year ago from CT, usa. I met my Fiancé here. He is South African and obsessed with succulents. I decided to use a succulent as the main flower in my bouquet but have no idea how to straighten the stem. Its very healthy and fairly young. Succulents have become the most meaningful plants to me because of him. I want him to be surprised when he sees what I have chosen for the wedding so I cant ask him. We get married in 3 days!! Can someone here please help me? I do have a photo but I am not sure how to load it:/

Start a new post, and then you’ll be able to upload your images.  Ask the Horticulturist here.