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all three plants together


I received this beautiful pot of succulents as a gift and have no experience with them. The plants have done great outside all spring and summer. However, live in southeast PA and need to bring the pot indoors for the winter. Have several cats and a dog. Please help me identify them so that I can refer to the ASPCA site to determine safety to pets.

Comments for Need help identifying three succulents for determination of safety around pets

Oct 15, 2014

Just to be on the safe side
by: Jacki

Two of your succulents would be fairly safe, as long as your kitties have access to some kind of greens that will satisfy their craving for chlorophyll. These are #1 and #3, which are some kind of Senecio and an Echeveria, possibly the one called ‘Black Prince’.

However, the middle plant #2 is Kalanchoe daigremontiana, the mother of millions plant, which is extremely poisonous, and hard to control because of its habit of dropping all those tiny babies all over.

I would hesitate to recommend that you display this one where cats can access it, even in my usual method of keeping the plants in a birdcage to limit exposure.

Hope that helps keep your pets safe.

Oct 16, 2014

Succulent identification
by: Bruce

Chandelier plant or Mother of Millions is the name of the plant that is long, tall, thin and has many baby plantlets on the edge of each leaf.

It reproduces by vegetative reproduction. The young plantlets are a clone or genetically identical to the parent. Those little plantlets will sprout fine roots and drop when mature and grown anywhere and everywhere.

We once went away and it grew from 4 feet to 7 feet and was bending against the ceiling indoors.

The second year an amazing flower was produced which had several pink bell like flowers each dangling from its own stem like a chandelier. Invasive but amazing and easy to hand pick unwanted extra plants.

I don’t know if it is bad for pets.

The other one, with multiple thin pointed leaves that spike out like bicycle spokes, looks like Senecio antandroi.

Feb 24, 2015

3 identification by: yanti

It is the Bryophyllum delagoense. Originally comes from the Madagascar.. also known as the Mother of Millions.. growing everywhere in Australia. I saw one at the Lane Cove National Park.. and 3 in my neighbour front yard.. ^_^