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by Daneille
(Bay Point, CA)


My Italian Cypress is approximately 15 feet tall (just guessing) and has just recently started to bend over, separate and droop at the very top. What could be causing this and how do I remedy it? I only have the one in my west facing front yard.

Hi Danielle, I’m not terribly familiar with this type of tree, so my only suggestion would be to carefully prune it a bit to shape it.

As to why it’s happening, it could be that it’s growing too fast for the top growth to keep up, and it could straighten out in time as it matures, in which case, you may not need to prune it.

If you’ve had heavy rain recently, this could have caused it to both grow extremely fast, and to also bend it outwards just from the pressure of the water.

I would probably wait and see if it recovers it’s shape over the summer, and prune it early in the year next year to reshape it if it doesn’t.

Hope that helps,