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by Laura
(Reading, UK)


My cactus is dieing and i don’t know why, it might be because i give it too much water. The cactus is all squishy and bits are falling off, though i can’t really do anything as i’m at university and have no tools here ๐Ÿ™

Hi Laura, you’ve pretty much answered your own question. The overwatering thing is the primo reason for killing off these tough plants. They are only able to withstand drought; they can’t withstand drowning.

For this one, I’m sorry but there is no hope. Once pieces start to fall off, it’s a sign that the interior of the plant is completely rotted away.

In the trash, and buy a new one – but don’t over water it! You can see more about these intriguing plants here: Cactus plants.


Comments for My cactus

Oct 12, 2012
by: Laura

As i thought :'( guess i’ll have to buy a new one… what type of cactus would you recommend as i’d like one that flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ and also could you give brief instructions on how to take care of cacti?

Hi Laura, lots of people have great success with many of the Parodia and Rebutia species, which are the most common ones in garden centers, and can be found even in supermarkets.

They will all bloom, but only once a year, given the right circumstances, such as an extensive period of dormancy, when you don’t water them at all, even to the point of shriveling. Then resume watering, and they will most likely burst into bloom. You will have to do some research to find out when each different type usually flowers, and try to copy that watering schedule.

You can see more about how to grow them here: Cacti and Succulents – the general rule is “be cruel to be kind” – in other words, if in doubt as to whether or not to water them, don’t!