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by Anissa


Baby Succulents

I have a variety of baby succulents that I started growing all at one time. Most of them have grown to about an inch high and have been that way for almost a year now.

Why aren’t they growing and how can I get them to grow? They are in an inside planter that gets 8 hours of sunlight from a plant light and are planted in succulent soil.

Comments for My baby succulents aren’t growing but they look healthy!

Jan 29, 2018
Too much room
by: Jacki

Often, young plants of all kinds will do this – get to a certain size, then stall. The reason they do this is to attempt to fill the pot with roots, which in this case will be impossible, I would transplant them all into individual pots for a while – preferably terracotta clay or other rough surfaced containers.

This will encourage the roots to split and branch out once they hit the sides. Then, the top growth will start.

I would also mix that soil about half and half with turkey grit, pumice or coarse sand for drainage.

They will be much happier in smaller pots with less soil volume for a while, which will prod them into action.