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by Chris Unruh
(Dallas, TX )


Why do baby dolls creep me out so much? I was never a girly girl and preferred Lego over Barbie any day of the week.

But there’s just something great about hypertufa baby heads.

I make these here in my backyard ‘studio’ and share the results with local folks and on etsy who enjoy planting various sedum, sempervivum, and tillandsia in the head cavities.

But I also sometimes use a floral frog and create a daisy head…

Chris, those are so cool! Thanks for sharing, and I would love to know more about how you make these…

Comments for Mohawk Babies

May 29, 2013
Me Too!
by: June

I would love more details about this project too – are these made from a dolls head, or what? They’re very cool!

Jul 20, 2013
Baby head hypertufa
by: Carlene

Actually it’s cute!