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by Rachel

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This is quite a small plant, it’s currently in a 1 1/2″ pot.

Looks like it could be a succulent, has thick forest green leaves with white bumps that look like snow. It grows from the middle and fans out.

My boyfriend got it for me as a gift and the guy told him this plant was miniature and would not grow much bigger than it’s current size.

It looks like an aloe vera to me but with stiffer leaves that stand up straight.

I hope that’s a good enough description, I have attached pictures (I’m sorry the quality is not the greatest).

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Rachel – although related to Aloe, this is not in the same genus.

It does appear similar to Aloe, but Haworthia (of which this is one) are much more appropriate for beginner growers, and those will less than ideal conditions for most succulents, as they appreciate slightly less bright light, and also will put up with more water, or slower drying soil.

This one is either Haworthia attenuata or Haworthia fasciata, which are both very similar, and mixed up in the trade, so I doubt if anyone can reliably determine which one it is.

Never mind, they are both lovely little plants, and as the source has said, they won’t grow you out of house and home. Their ultimate size is around 10 cm across and high (around 4″) and they are very slow to reach that. I’ve seen really old specimens that are just barely filling a shallow bowl about 20cm (10″) across.

See the page on Haworthia for more.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for Miniature Aloe Vera?

Dec 16, 2011
Thank you!
by: Rachel

What a speedy reply thank you very much! You saved me hours of looking up pictures on the internet.