by Stacie Virden
(Waco Texas USA)


My agaves were beautiful a year ago, and now they look like they are melting. I moved them about 20 feet from last year. They still get full sun through 1-2:00 and shade after that. It is farther away than I usually drag the water hose. Could the limo just be leaves without enough water stored to hold them into shape?

Comments for Melting agaves?

Sep 30, 2019
Are the leaves limp?
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I’ve seen something similar to this, but it was due to overspray of some kind of herbicide. Is this possible in this case?

The fact that they are in pots could mean that they are too dry, or hot. The roots are less heat tolerant than the top growth, and in black pots, if in full sun for even a short time, the roots could cook. Pull the plant out of the pot and see what the roots look like.