by Carole May
(cornwall, uk)



Comments for Longish Thick Pre-flower Stem

Aug 23, 2014
by: Jacki

Hi Carole, what you have here is the flower stalk of one of my favorite genera of plants; this will be one of the Jovibarba species, which are very similar to Sempervivum. They like the same conditions, in fact, they are so tough that they will grow even without soil if they fall out of the pot. They flower, as you’ve seen, but also produce rollers that are delicately attached tiny plants. They will fall off at the slightest touch to ‘roll’ away to find a new spot.

There is no way of determining exactly which species you have as these guys hybridize so easily, forming new types of plants.

One thing you should know is that these are not indoor plants. They require a winter dormancy, so you may want to start putting it outdoors to harden off and go through a winter. They don’t like being water logged, so make sure that they have good drainage and soil that won’t hold too much water.

See more about these great plants here; Jovibarba and how to grow them.