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by Trina
(Lakeland, Florida)



Hi Jackie,
Need your help again. My echeveria gets these leaf cuts starting from the 2nd or 3rd layer. I thought I was over watering it and specifically bought a moisture meter so I know when to water but i still see these cuts from the new growth. Pls help.

Hi Trina, if you observe how Echeveria grow, it’s in a spiral fashion, from the center. Those leaves on the bottom are old, and simply showing their age.

Over time, due to transplanting and handling, the lower leaves become scarred and this is what is happening. It’s got nothing to do with overwatering.

I would go and take those lower leaves off at the stem. The newer leaves look fine, although judging from the smaller growth, the plant is now in different conditions from when the older leaves formed.

Eventually, what happens with Echeveria is that they make a long stem, kind of like a palm tree, with the rosette of leaves on top.

I recommend that you ‘behead’ the top rosette, and re-root it – it’s not as difficult as it sounds, just take a sharp razor or knife, and cut it off just below the nicer leaves, and then let it callous for a while, up to a week, without any water.

I just set them right on top of a pot of succulent soil, dry. In a few days or a week or so, you’ll tug on it, and find that the roots are already anchoring it. Congratulations! You have a brand new plant!

Best of luck with your lovely Echeveria!

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