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by Kasie
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)


Hi, I’m wondering if I need to repot my jade plant. I recently moved from Las Vegas to Hot Springs, Arkansas and my jade plant seems to be loving its new climate as it’s growing more quickly but also shooting out MANY aerial roots.

The plant is in a South facing window and is now much wider than the base of the pot. I know they don’t mind being root bound but does it look like it needs a bigger pot come springtime?

I have had the plant about two and a half years and it has already been repotted once in that time. Thanks for any help!

Comments for Jade outgrowing pot?

Dec 26, 2020

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

What this looks like to me is that in the recent past, the plant wasn’t in such perfect light, and grew long leggy growth to reach it. Then, you moved it into a brighter situation, which has caused it to drape over the edge.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be repotted, but it does need a haircut. I would cut off all the straggly ends that are showing the aerial roots, and see what happens. These can all be potted up separately to make new plants!

Without seeing it close up, and feeling the soil, and investigating if the soil is completely filled with roots, I can’t say for sure if you should repot. They can go several years without being repotted.

You can also take it out of the pot, cut off some of the root ball, then repot it into the same pot with some fresh soil to rejuvenate it – this is sometimes best, otherwise the plant just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I would maybe start fertilizing it a bit, with something mild like compost tea or worm castings, if it starts to look pale.