by Karen
(Chappaqua, NY)

hanging basket

I bought the hanging basket of flowers at the Home Depot, but it had no name.


Jade like vines with bright yellow & pink flowers that close up during the hot hot heat of the day, usually when I come out in the morning, the flowers are wide open, and when I come home in the early evening, the flowers are all tightly closed. Every day.

I’ve been watering it morning and evening because the soil feels dry, but I want to work hard not to kill this beautiful plant, so I have to figure out what it needs! The tag also said full sun. Which is what it gets.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Karen, it looks like what you have purchased is a Portulaca, or Sun Rose. As the name says, it’s a sun lover.

I don’t think you can go wrong with watering it that often as long as it’s hot out, but eventually it will also need some fertilizer to keep going.

I’m a big fan of compost tea, made with worm castings, or just sprinkle some worm castings right on the surface of the soil, and it will get a slow release of nutrients every time you water.

Alternatively, use a water soluble chemical fertilizer once or twice a week, using it half strength – this is called the ‘fertilizer weakly, weekly’ method.

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Enjoy your lovely hanging plant!

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Jul 14, 2011
Thank you!
by: Karen

Thank you so much Jacki!