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by Melinda
(Clive, IA)

The four legged animals known as deer ate the top off my green pepper plant! Only has three leaves left. Will it survive and produce peppers? Or should I replant? I’m off to get wire to put over and around the one that is left! Thank you in advance for your help!! Really appreciate it!

Drought Smart Plants reply: Oh, boy. Deer are bad around here, that’s for sure, and their tastes adapt to whatever is available. Nothing is safe.

Your pepper plant may have time to produce more growth and flower and fruit if you’re in a place with a long season, but in most cases, it’s a lost cause to try and baby it along. I would probably try, just because I hate wasting any plant, but just to cover all the bases, I would buy a new plant too.

Deer are funny creatures, if you have either a really tall fence (over 8′) they won’t jump it, or two shorter fences about 4′ tall. They also hate trappy stuff that feel like their feet will be caught, so leave twigs and branches around the base of the fence if possible (not always feasible in certain areas).

Also, gardeners have reported varying results with human hair in panty hose bags hung around the property, or bars of soap likewise. Others swear by blood meal, rotten egg and garlic spray, or fox urine.

Hopefully one of more of these remedies will help give these beautiful pests their comeuppance!

Best of luck,

Comments for I’ve declared war on deer, and I don’t mean my husband!!

Nov 08, 2019

Missed opportunity
by: Janice

You started off with ‘Oh, boy!’ missing the perfect opportunity to say…. Oh deer