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by Jacky Grundling
(Cape Town South Africa)



Grows like a Kalanchoe. Leaves fat and if stressed turns red on the tips. Could also be Crassula Rogersii. Flowers upright and red.
Height about 30 cm.

Hi Jacky, there seems to be some confusion about your plant; judging from the leaves and their arrangement, and also the flowers, urn or bell shaped, this is not a Crassula, which have a similar set up of the leaves but are usually clasping, and not notched on their edges, and also have a tight cluster of star shaped flowers.

Narrowing it down further, the brown markings on the tips of the leaves are a dead giveaway; these are typical of some types of Kalanchoe – look at this page on Dave’s Garden Website for more on Panda Plant and Chocolate Soldier to see what I mean.

Sorry I couldn’t find the exact same plant as yours but that gives you a place to start.

Best of luck with the ongoing search for your plant!

Comments for Is this a Kalanchoe Crassula Rogersii?

May 31, 2013

It must be a Kalanchoe!
by: Jacky Grundling

I have eleven different Kalanchoe plants. So I have always listed it for myself under Kalanchoe. Up to now could not find it anywhere on the internet.

Jun 01, 2013

Found the name
by: Jacky Grundling

Last night while in bed I came across the picture of the plant in question. It is not Kalanchoe but Cotyledon tementosa! There is also a var called ladismithiensis which is also a South African species. The common name is cat’s claw or bear’s claw.

Oh, good common name – that’s the perfect description! Thanks for the update.

Jun 02, 2014

Not a Kalanchoe
by: Lonecolt

It is a Cotyledon tomentosa ‘Bear’s Paw’. No question about it.