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    by Annmarie
    (Apple Valley, California)


    Sedum stonecrop

    I grow Sedum Stonecrop succulents also known as “Pink Bomb.” I know that the squirrels eat them and the birds eat them at the end season. Can you help me on this?

    Thank you,

    Many Stonecrops are edible, although not that palatable.

    They are called ‘bittercress’ which might indicate what they taste like.

    Generally, this is enough to deter pets from eating them, as long as they are able to get some greens (that are safe) from other sources.

    Try growing barley greens or other grasses for your cats, especially those that are indoors a lot. That’s what they’re after is the chlorophyll, which all plants contain. Dogs will relish the grass too, and it helps with their digestion.

    If you’re really worried about it, keep your critters away by using a twiggy fence or some other way of hedging in the plants that you think will be a problem.

    Hope this gives you a few ideas.

    PS: it’s never a good idea to post your live email address, just for the future. Hope you return to this post to find out the answer to your question.