by Farouk
(Sydney – NSW – Australia)

Hi I have an Irish Strawberry tree – AKA Arbutis Enedo.
I have had it for a couple of years now, I have it planted in the ground quite healthy soil, I feed it Dynamic lifter (chicken manure/pellet fertilizer) everything around it is going perfectly fine & looked after in the same way/same soil, it has hardly grown a few cms from original size, yellow leaves here & there, thin stem no flowers. It is grafted from a common nursery(the nursery don’t know much about it). Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Arbutus unedo are fascinating trees – the exfoliating bark is spectacular.

I know from previous research that these trees are extremely dependent on certain micorrhizae that live in the soil in their native habitat, and without this the seeds won’t germinate, and the tree won’t thrive.

If you can find one that is healthy and happy, this may be an option – all that is needed is to take a small amount of the soil near the roots, and then scatter it around the base of your tree. Hopefully, this will encourage it to keep going.

No amount of fertilizer or anything else will help unfortunately.

Best of luck with your Strawberry Tree!