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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello Jacki,

1) I got this plant from a friend claiming that it is an indian bulb
and should be treated as we do with bulbs,
i have no clue what this is ,and how to treat it,
should i water or not,shade or sun………
can you identify it????
2)is it now the ?best time to transplant succulents or shall we wait tell end of summer

thanx jacki,you are the best

Hi Amjad – I have no idea what your Indian bulb is; that certainly is interesting though. Most bulbs require a dry summer dormancy, however, if it really is native to India, there might be a requirement for lots of water, if these are adapted to monsoons.

I know of one cactus grower who kept track of the weather in Tuscon Arizona, and only watered their plants when it rained there; that might be what you have to do.

For repotting, I don’t worry about what time of year; if they need repotting because of getting too big and top heavy, then by all means go ahead. Keep them on the dry side until they are calloused, and have started to grow some new roots.

Happy gardening!