by Sean
(Baltimore, Maryland)


The succulent in question has a fleshy stem from which the leaves project.

The long narrow leaves have spiky margins and the leaves taper to points.

The plants get rather large.

My plant is only a few years at most and is a foot tall, with many of the individual leaves being over a foot long. The plant sends up new shoots from the base. New leaves grow from the top of the stem.

Comments for Identifying a Succulent – Aloe of some sort?

Oct 12, 2017

Could Be an Aloe…
by: Jacki

Your pictures are tiny! The one closer up looks a lot like Aloe hechtia, which you can see on the page about Aloe Succulent Plants. The main characteristic is the toothed or spiky edges of the leaves, but these are generally not sharp.

Oct 13, 2017

Aloe Arborescens
by: Sean

I did some additional research last night and think I figured it out. It appears to be Aloe arborescens.

Feb 12, 2021

What kind of Aloe is this?
by: Barbara Hayslett

It is growing a Aloe out of the side! It was tiny, now large with Aloe plant at top and larger one coming out of the side!
Totally confused?
Thank You for your help

Feb 12, 2021

Note to Barbara
by: Jacki

This is typical Aloe behavior. They often ‘pup’ or send out offsets of baby Aloe. If this isn’t what you’ve got, post on the Ask the Horticulturist page, with some pictures. Then I can tell you what’s going on.