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by Donna
(NW Georgia)


Plant is like a small tree with woody type trunk and woody type branching. Top portion resembles fingers, smooth and elongated, greenish/yellowish in color (I believe from being in a greenhouse with too much sun), brought home and put in shade and top is greening up.

Long, slender roots come off the branching and seem to serve as and anchor in the dirt, or they will just hang on the outside of the pot. I repotted this plant and it was extremely root bound.

I have only this one picture (the after clean up stage). Any help would be much appreciated as I can not seem to find the name of this plant anywhere.

Comments for I bought this plant at a garden center and was told it was some type of aloe.

Sep 02, 2014

Not an Aloe…
by: Jacki

I don’t think this is an Aloe. Although sometimes you will see them getting really long straggly stems that are quite woody, this doesn’t really seem to resemble that – the picture of the leaves isn’t that clear.

Most Aloe will show toothed edges to a greater or lesser degree. That’s just a quick check that you can do to see.

If the edges are smooth, I’m more inclined to think that this would be a Delosperma which is a bit of a surprise because I didn’t realize that they would live long enough to get this woody.

Other option could be a Carpobrotus, which has slightly keeled leaves, which are curved. The giveaway will be the daisy like pink flowers, if it blooms.

Hope that helps with some options.

Sep 02, 2014

Not Aloe..
by: Donna

I will try to do some research on Delosperma and Carpobrotus. Any suggestions or help is very much welcomed. I am curious to see if it will bloom, and am also anxious to see how much better it will look with proper care. Thank you!!

Sep 03, 2014

by: Anonymous

It’s a Bulbine. They are easy to propagate.

Sep 03, 2014

by: Donna

I found a picture of an older senecio scaposus and it looks the same as this one did prior to cleaning it up.