I bought it in a farmers market and it didn’t have a tag/name. It has lily-like leaves that extend on long stems from a bulb-like base that is covered in a brown paper-like wrapping that sits above the soil.

It also has little strings of small bell-like flowers that hang in a line from some of the tops. It seems to be growing well with only being watered one to two times a month and I would like to see how big it might be or if I should repot it, etc.

Comments for I bought it because it reminded me of Beetlejuice

Aug 16, 2017

by: Jacki

The leaves remind me of Ginger, there are several plants that go by this name. Some are ornamental, others the edible flavoring, which is the root or corm.

If this is it, grow it indoors for the winter in bright light. If it’s happy with the amount of water you’re giving it, keep going.

It looks like it’s almost filling the pot, so this would most likely be a good time to repot it into a bigger one – don’t go crazy, just choose one that is half an inch to an inch bigger all around.

Maybe someone else will recognize it from your description – if it flowers, please post again, as that’s the most definitive characteristic.