A summer essential to attract flying jewels

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We’ve all seen them.  They hover at the edge of your eyesight, waiting to be noticed, then they zoom away.  Flowers with nectar attract them, and so do hummingbird feeders.


There are lots to choose from. If you only have a few hummingbirds, buy a small one so you don’t have their favorite syrup going bad waiting for them.

At one time I had over 40 of them all waiting for their turn, while at the feeder there was one bird at each port, and one hovering over their shoulder. I went through a lot of sugar that summer!

I’ve tried out lots of different kinds of hummingbird feeders.

The biggest problem is that some of them may work for a while, but then due to the design, they start to leak. This leads to a whole lot of problems, mostly concerning attracting ants, or even larger creatures like bears.

The solution to this is to spend more to get better quality, both in the manufacture and the design.

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Here is a selection of Hummingbird Feeders from my affiliate;

There are many other designs, types, colors and ways of hanging them than those shown here; some will stick on a window, others can be suspended from the eaves. 

Whichever kind your hummingbirds prefer, make sure you clean it often, and replace the sugar water frequently to prevent them from getting sick. 

The best formula for making sugar water is 3 parts water to one part of white sugar (not honey) mixed well, to start off the season. 

Then, when they’re showing some staying power and eagerness to stick around, switch to four parts water, one part sugar.  This closely emulates the nectar in flowers so it’s more to their metabolisms liking.

Don’t forget to plant some of their favorite flowers to keep them happy.