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by Amy
(NE Alabama )


I was gifted this guy by a well-meaning boyfriend who said, “Just water every couple weeks….” Well, then, he thought he should be put outside in spring and summer. I live in AL.

His leaves looked scorched so I brought him back in. He was in a SW facing window and started growing tall. Top leaves look healthy and point upwards but lower half droop and some have dead tips.

There are two pups.

I have relocated to a more west-facing window.

Do I prune the healthy part off the top half and replant? If so, do I leave the unhealthy looking rest of it in the pot?

Thank you!

Comments for Help with my paddle plant please.

Jun 02, 2022
That’s what I would do
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I would cut off the top and treat it like a big cutting, then leave the lower part to recover or do whatever it wants. There is a good chance you’ll get more pups out of it, in which case you can lever them out of the soil and pot them up separately.

The main plant will not likely recover to any extent, except to possibly put out a flower stem at some point.

Jun 03, 2022
Thank you!
by: Amy

Ok. Sounds good!

Should I remove any of the injured leaves on the main stem? Does it need to be repotted?

Jun 03, 2022
by: Jacki

The ideal time to repot is in the spring, which is now. Then it will have time to adjust to the new pot in time for winter.

Yes, you could cut off any damaged leaves, but if they’re doing their job, ie: they have enough green parts to photosynthesize, then leave them. The more leaves the better!