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what to do with sun scorched succulents

Comments for help for my succulents

May 24, 2016
by: Jacki

There’s nothing you can do with the actual leaves that are scorched.

The best way to avoid getting the leaves damaged by too much sun is to never expose succulents to full sun without hardening the plant off. This means to gradually give it more sun, or just display them in an area that only gets morning sun, which is less harsh than later afternoon sun.

Also, keep in mind that some containers can hold more heat than others, especially metal or dark colors.

Heat can also be reflected from walls or even the patio material, in some cases these will be light in color.

What can you do with a plant that is already damaged by the heat of the sun? First, determine if there are some leaves that are too far gone. These will look brown, especially on the top surface. Remove these, but any that are still functioning can stay.

Once the plant grows a bit more and replaces the damaged ones, remove the worst of the leaves.

If the plant is really too damaged, drastic surgery can sometimes give you propagating material, and cuttings that will root.

The stem most often will be fine, so if all the leaves are removed, the stem will produce more growth.

Even a slightly damaged leaf will still root, so don’t despair.