Low Maintenance but Beautiful Succulents

Haworthia are known as the jewels of the succulent world – bright green translucent leaves or spectacular markings are their hallmark.


In a succulent collection, Haworthia add a new dimension with their unique growth habit and form.

Most grow in a rosette of spiky, chubby, delicately marked foliage, and they tend over time to form a clump of many smaller rosettes. This makes it possible to separate the offsets and make a new plant easily.

The roots of Haworthia are fleshy and a pale yellow colour if healthy. Sometimes the roots become aged and rot, so if you have a plant that’s looking sad, this could be the cause.

Trimming off the dead roots and repotting into fresh soil will usually help. Cutting back on watering in future will prevent this, although Haworthia are much more forgiving of more moisture in the soil.

In fact, they prefer this, as well as being able to grow very well in lower light conditions. A bright window with filtered light will suit them fine, as in full sun the leaves of some species turn brown and sunburn easily.

Frequently mistaken for Aloe, they have distinct differences in their care requirements, the two main criteria of light and moisture are the most important.

Many suppliers cash in on this ability and sell them as Aloe to the unsuspecting novice succulent gardener.

Luckily, due to the fact that they are less apt to dwindle and die from lower light and more watering, they make great succulent house plants.

See some of the most successful and reliable Haworthia species here:


Haworthia cymbiformis – Light green clustered rosettes. here you can see why it’s best to water with rain water, as the calcium in my well water will mark the foliage.

Occasionally, tall wiry stalks will emerge from most Haworthia species, and charm with their sprays of pale pink or white and green striped bloom.


Two very similar species of Haworthia, H. attenuata, and H. fasciata are coveted by novice and expert succulent growers alike. These little plants are often mistaken for some type of Aloe, but are recognizable by their corky striped leaves.


Haworthia obtusa x cooperi – Chubby bright green closely packed rosettes. If you look at this plant, you can see little windows in the leaves where the light enters to be photosynthesize.


Haworthia mucronata is an odd looking creature, for any genus. Those spikes are not sharp even though this looks like a cactus. Other similar plants include H. decipiens, which is like this plant on steroids.

Haworthia show so many variations – I guess this is why they’re a favorite plant among hybridizers to get more unusual plants.

Interested in more about these fascinating plants? Here is an interesting exploration of Haworthia in the southern hemisphere.

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succulent given as a gift

A potted cacti/succulent given as a gift 

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Prickly and Green Unknown

Prickly and Green Unknown 

It’s a little succulent I bought from the grocery store. I’m not sure if it’s aloe. There’s little spikes on the sides of each leaf, but they don’t …

tall thin and pointy

tall thin and pointy? 

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Thick and Fleshy Bright green Plant

Thick and Fleshy Bright green Plant 

I’s bright green almost Florescent, very beautiful plant, almost looks fake because of it’s color and I found it at Walmart and I had to buy it. I do not …


Haworthia needs more info 

Small haworthia with reddish inner leaf surface and white striated green outer

Cute little succulent

Cute little succulent 

so i literally just purchased this cacti/succulent from walgreens for my work desk and I am interested in knowing what it is, of course there was no name …

Spiky plant

Spiky plant 

Bundles of spikes. Kind of looks like aloe. These do indeed look like Aloe , and are related to them, but it’s Haworthia. There are several species …

Ikea Succulent

Ikea Succulent 

I bought this succulent at Ikea, it only said succulent on the pot. It is a medium to dark green color. The petals are hard and scaly. It looks like …

Unknown plant type

Unknown plant type? 

The plant leaves are about the size of a pinky nail, generally firm, slightly squishy when over watered, and bright green. You can see darker green lines …

purple paint

Very, very purple, looks like it was dipped in purple paint 

I got this at Walmart a few months ago, it has put out at least a dozen babies. The leaves start green in the center and then grow out to be bright purple, …

long flowering stems

Thick, full, pointed, semi-variegated leaves w/ long flowering stems 

Thick, full, pointed, semi-variegated leaves w/ long flowering stems Hi Steve, wow, a variegated Haworthia? I’ve never seen that before. This cutie …

Green Fingers

Green Fingers 

This succulent has short green “finger-like” leaves that point vertically. This little character is one of my favorite little succulents, Haworthia …

along entire length

long, many legs with (leaves) along entire length

 this succulent has many separate arms coming from the soil with thick leaves along the length of the arms This little guy is one of the Haworthia …

terrarium contest

Please help identify for kids terrarium contest

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small green succulant

small green succulant 

small and beautiful, bulbous pointed-ended “leafs” (excuse my use of incorrect semantics!), very visible veins almost translucent. Just obtained, currently …

Looks like aloe but I don't think it is please help

Looks like aloe but I don’t think it is please help 

My mother gave me this pant two years ago. It propagated itself into 5 more plants which I’m giving away but don’t have a clue what to say when people …

What is this strange looking plant

What is this strange looking plant? 

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Definitely a hawthornia

Definitely a hawthornia… of some sort 

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Name That Plant

Name That Plant! 

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What kind of Haworthia are you?

What kind of Haworthia are you? 

I think the pics speak better than the words. I’m fairly certain this is a Haworthia, but have no clue what kind. Can you help? Hi Haveda, you’re right …

Need help identifying Succulent plant please

Need help identifying Succulent plant please 

This Succulent was just given to me tonight. It was believed to have been a cactus. It has very thick petals with an almost translucent look to them. …

Dark green leaves with white bumps

Dark green leaves with white bumps 

Leaves curl inward white white bumps on outer sides of leaves. About 2 inches tall. Hi Tia, this is a plant I get asked about a lot – it’s obvious …

Little white dots

Little white dots… 

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Small and Yummy

Small and Yummy 

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Can't find the name of this succulent

Can’t find the name of this succulent 

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looks like aloe but shoots out long stems with little white flowers 

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Hawthoria - but wich one?

Hawthoria – but wich one? 

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Succulent ID required

Succulent ID required!

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aloe type looking plant

aloe type looking plant 

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Cute Little Haworthia

Cute Little Haworthia 

Here’s my cute little succulent, which I was told was an aloe, but am pretty sure it’s an echeveria after browsing around. When I got it, it had tiny little …

Stacked very short aloe leaves

Stacked very short aloe leaves 

seems to grow with three leaves per layer. not quite uniform in layers–not one on top of the other. solid green..a little dark. the leaves have a somewhat …

thumb what is this beauty called 21611470

what is this beauty called? 

Hello, So I picked up my first succulent ever while out grocery shopping this weekend. The pot did not have any markings and no directions for care. …

propegated years ago

Looking for help identifying a plant I propegated years ago 

It’s a spikey plant with succulent-like leaves, thin shallow roots and doesn’t seem to be able to support the weight of too much vertical growth. Is pretty …

Miniature Aloe Vera?

Miniature Aloe Vera? 

This is quite a small plant, it’s currently in a 1 1/2″ pot. Looks like it could be a succulent, has thick forest green leaves with white bumps that …


small aloeish plant with white stripes or ridges on it.

 This plant has the leaf shape of an aloe plant. With lots of stems coming out of a center each stem come up and curves outword slightly resembling the …


small leaved, spikey, dark green, no flowers 

small spikey dark green fleshy leaves growing up a column, no flowers. Individual leaves tightly packed in column and lightly variegated, leaves about …


I have a small succulent that was given to me as a gift.

The leaves are about 2 1/2 inch long – maybe 3 in. at most. In the attached picture, the ends of the leaves appear to be red but that is not the case …

unknown-i call him spikey

unknown-i call him spikey

i received a cutting root of a succulent plant from a friend. she nor i know the name of this plant. would anyone know what it is called so i can google …

Succulent Plant

My Succulent Plant 

**Apologies for lack of quality in photos. You can see the shape, colour and form of the succulent in the photo. It has very small spines coming off …


Small, rich green succulent that looks to be in the Aloe genus… 

My initial guess is “Aloe aristata”. From the pictures you can see that it has uniform small white nodules on the exterior face of the leaves. The …

Aloe mix

Aloe mix 

I found these two on from a grocery store with the name “aloe mix”. The other has very thick fleshy leaves with light green stripes. The other looks more …

Chuck Norris

unidentified succulent named Chuck Norris 

(If my description isn’t clear, the pictures will hopefully be helpful!) My plant, affectionately named Chuck Norris, has many spiked “arms” coming …