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by Kate

I thought of your website as I introduced one of my daughters to guerrilla gardening.

We got up early on Saturday and armed with clippers, took her twin 2 year old sons, each carrying their Elmo bags to hold the succulents.

We tossed them in a tub of water when we got home (the succulents, not the boys!) and my daughter planted them the next day out front around a tree.

Drought Smart Plants says: I want to see pictures! That must have been so much fun, but I can understand that you wouldn’t want any proof of your adventures, you might get blackmailed! Good parenting all around, I would say! Just make sure you send them lots of letters from jail when you get caught…

Comments for Guerrilla Gardening with Elmo

Apr 14, 2012
More on Guerrilla Gardening with Elmo
by: Kate

We did not take the camera unfortunately. Our hands were pretty busy keeping the two toddlers near us while we snipped.

I hope jail is not in my future! I doubt inmates receive guerrilla gardening privileges.

Seriously, we only took overflow and we will gladly share after ours take root. 🙂

Apr 17, 2012
Stop thief!
by: Anonymous

WOW, if I read this right you took cuttings from someone garden? This is NOT guerrilla gardening that is called gleaning someones garden (or stealing). Nice lesson for the young ones! Guerrilla Gardening is when you PLANT something on a piece of land where you do not have permission to do so. No pictures? I can’t believe you would even post anything about your crime. What’s wrong with you? You should go out and BUY a nice succulent (that they don’t have) and give it to the people you ripped off.
I’d bet money if you just asked the garden owner they would of happily given you cuttings.

I normally don’t allow anonymous comments – please put your name, and keep it polite!

Apr 17, 2012
City-Owned Tree and Permission
by: Me again

Certainly did not mean to incite anger.

Although in town, there is empty public land nearby where succulents grow wild. The clippings were planted around a city-owned tree along a sidewalk in front of the house that blossoms with delicate purple flowers.

Previously, it was surrounded by weeds so it deserved better.

The city monitors the progress of their trees they have planted along this street. I am confident they will agree this is an improvement over the weeds.

But whoever said permission wasn’t granted? One homeowner heard us outside and offered her favorites that she was growing in containers!

Apr 17, 2012
Pruning just makes them better
by: Jacki

Luckily, most succulents love to be pruned, and just grow more compact and with more branches. I recommend this practice to help make them more vigorous, and for shaping.

Of course, true Guerrilla Gardeners would do all this at night, but in some cases, out in broad daylight works best – wear a high visibility vest, and carry a clipboard for best effect.