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by KKD
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I have managed to keep this plant alive and thriving but as you can see one plant (unidentifiable by me) is falling over. I’m afraid I’m about to lose her!!! Im assuming some “chopping” and/or propagating?? Suggestions? Im a new succulent admirer. please excuse my ignorance!! Love your website!!

Yes, chopping is in order – not to worry, it’s not that hard, and you will not kill your plant by doing this; they actually like it!

All of the plants in your container could use a haircut, so get the scissors out. I recommend using a pair of really sharp ones, so that they don’t crush too much of the stem.

All of those plants will gain you two cuttings each, at least. They will make nice compact plants if you cut them about 4″ (10 cm) long. If the cutting doesn’t have a top – ie: it’s just a piece out of the middle of the stem – make sure you keep track of which way is up. They won’t grow if you stick them in the soil upside down.

Let them dry, overnight at least. Then, put them into some dry soil – I recommend Sunshine Mix #4, or other similar type of soil with added aggregate. Cactus soil has the right properties for succulents, and is also sterile, which for indoor plants is the best. This will avoid bringing pests like fungus gnats, moss or other pathogens into your house.

After a few days to a week, you can water once or twice; this is important; let the soil dry out almost completely before you water again. The roots will start to follow the water down lower, and they will anchor your new plants much more firmly. Don’t tease; always give a good drink, then let it dry.

That should get you going, and in a month or so, you’ll have a great little collection of your very own propagated succulents.

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