I don’t have this plant, but want one. It has elongated fuzzy puffy leaves sprouting from the center core and the edges have scalloped ridges. There is a picture of one on your website.

This little guy is Adromischus cristata, otherwise known as the pie crust plant, Key Lime plant or baby toes.

It’s easy to grow, and can take considerable drought (always a good thing for me!)

You can see more about this great little plant here on Dave’s Garden Website

Although they’re very drought tolerant, they dislike hot summer sun, and will get sunburned, so a place that is bright, and with afternoon shade is perfect for them.

Make sure the soil is extremely well drained, and avoid overwatering, like most succulents.

The hairy stems tend to get discolored if you use too much fertilizer or hard water, so collect rainwater to use, or buy distilled water.

Never use water that has run through a water softener, because this contains salts, which will be the death of these super sensitive plants.