Whimsical Accessories For Your Garden

funny garden signs

Paint yours today – there’s nothing like a Funny Garden Sign or two in the garden.  They just add so much character and wit.

I use old barnboard or the cut-off ends of fence boards to paint mine – over the years, there have been a lot, and I’ve collected lots of punny and witty sayings to paint on them. 

There are a few tricks to painting the signs – first off; it’s crucial to prepare the wood first. 

Dust can interfere with the paint and make it peel off – which is fine if that’s what you intended. 

I sand the wood a bit just to take off the roughness and then wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Sand it again because the water will raise the grain.  Then use a dry cloth to get rid of the dust. Then you’re ready to paint.

funny garden sign-gone fishing

You can use old weathered barn boards, and splintery offcuts that are no good for anything else, even an old oar.

funny garden sign eggporeum

The paint that you choose is important too. 

I’ve found that acrylic craft paint is the best, although in a pinch, interior latex will work too, but it only comes in one-quart size, so it can get expensive if that’s all you’re using it for.

funny garden sign boot hill

If you’re buying it, get the matt finish. 

It’s easier to paint with, and you can put a top coat of urethane over it all to protect it, which comes in different finishes so you can get the look (and protection) you prefer.

funny garden sign never enough thyme

Hang them by drilling a couple of holes and using hooks, attach them to a post, or just lean them against something;

funny garden sign livery

Sometimes I’ll use whatever odd boards I can find attached to another board.  It’s important not to be too perfect when you’re nailing them on; it just looks more authentic;

funny garden sign eat sleep garden

Same sign, revised version;

funny garden sign eat sleep build

Every shed in the place gets its own unique sign painted even before the building is done;

funny garden sign bliss

Sometimes, old sayings get painted onto signs that will be displayed in different places, like these;

funny garden sign april showers

There are lots of whimsical sayings that you can use to give your garden signs a unique look.  Have you painted any signs for your garden?